Changing The Stereotype

Claim: New Hampshire cop being turfed for supporting pot legalization

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A police officer who once confronted Sen. John McCain about marijuana decriminalization is being silenced and possibly pushed out of his job with a New Hampshire police force for speaking out against marijuana prohibition, his supporters say.

Bradley Jardis, an officer with the Epping Police Department, is challenging a six-day suspension he received after reportedly getting into a heated argument with a supervisor. According to blogger David Bratzer, Jardis received the suspension after refusing an “illegal” request from his bosses to refrain from speaking to the media.

Jardis is an outspoken critic of marijuana prohibition and a supporter of medical marijuana laws, as well as a member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, pro-legalization group. Jardis was featured earlier this year in an article in the Manchester, New Hampshire, Union-Leader profiling police officers who object to the drug laws they enforce.

Jardis also penned an op-ed in April for the Union-Leader in which he spoke in favor of a proposed medical marijuana law for New Hampshire. Sometime after those two articles appeared, Jardis began to experience pressure from his employers.


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